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Thread: MTN launches new smartphone Internet services

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwikslver View Post
    But with anytime you have airtime rollover. The months you don't go over should compensate for when you do.
    Airtime = data?

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    This is gonna work coz lets say you buy a MTN Nokia Smartphone Pro Service For R49 and then lets say middle of the month you run out then OBR of 50c per meg and use an extra 100MB for R50. buy the way MTN Should have Given us a 100MB FUP that will work out better than a 75MB FUP.

    Still a Ripoff though

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    You will still get idiots buying these idiotic packages

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fudzy View Post
    Airtime = data?
    Yea Airtime on these bloody packages do not count as data. Sucks to be honest.

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    I see people here are confusing FUP with capped?

    How is 75mb a FUP? So how do you break FUP with 75mb?

    Also, how do you complain at the ASA? I see they use BIS as a comparison, I'd like to ask them how?

    The only thing we can do as responsible consumers, is to tell everyone you can get an opportunity with and explain the ripoff.

    P.S Cellc asks 0.39c OOB rates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayd View Post
    Wow I have never seen such a good idea turned to crap so quickly. Save yourself the time and buy a data bundle from any other service provider as this is simply an expensive re-branded data bundle.
    I couldn't agree with you more.
    Quote Originally Posted by killadoob View Post
    Do you want to die? i can see linux users loading their shotguns as we speak

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    This is a complete TURD of a product....

    The OOB rate is ridiculous on a smartphone... and the "fair use" data limit is pathetic.. I can do that in a day on my phone without even trying anything.

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    This is not a new deal, this is MTN's version of Vodacoms 100mb BIS crap.
    You would think the idiots would learn from each others mistakes.

    How MTN can think this is a good deal is beyond all logic, this deal would of made sense 200 years ago before smart phones existed. The comparison to BIS is unfounded, there is nothign remotely BIS like with this package, also 75mb with a 50c OOB is not a FUP its a hard cap, a FUP would mean you get slower speeds after it or some other kind of limitation. They really should read up and whats the difference between Fair Usage and Cap.
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    I honestly can't believe myBB have republished this article after the flak they've received after the first two. You are just pushing readers away.

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    Again with the "Like BIS" statement?

    In my ideal world personally I would like to see a product where you pay X amount...have a X amount of fair use...after that you get throttled to X speed. Your IM, email and browsing services should feed off this service and count towards your fair use policy. For me that would be "Like BIS".

    Not sure if that is technically possible...but like I said....that is what I would love personally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rakabos3 View Post
    You will still get idiots buying these idiotic packages
    No man, they're not all idiots. Let's say your dad walks in store and asks for a suitable package and they push this on him and say nothing else suitable. Most of us have a reasonable expectation of not being conned. Otherwise we would not buy stuff the way we do.

    So spreading the word makes sense. And complaining to the appropriate authorities about this bull****..

    BTW, I'd like to put this up on HelloPeter as it concerns customer experiences. Anyone keen on joining me?
    Last edited by eshwar; 09-02-2012 at 05:25 PM. Reason: HelloPeter

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    Another simple question,what happens if I use operamini to check my email and download applications from Nokia Store?

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    Erm lets check those maths:

    1. In-bundle = R49/75 = 65c/MB
    2. OOB = 50c/MB

    How is this a good deal when the in-bundle price is higher than the out-of-bundle price? Crazy! I'm on a std Vodacom Smart Bundle which is R49 for 100MB = 49c/MB ... I think I'll just stick with that one thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kgabogk View Post
    Another simple question,what happens if I use operamini to check my email and download applications from Nokia Store?
    you don't quite compress binary files right. Opera only throws out page elements your phone won't render and rescale's images so that's where the saving is. attachments, emails come as is,.. so that would be full rate billing...

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    What does fair use mean? They should just call it a 75mb cap with 50c per mb OOB rate.

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