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Thread: Alternatives to the mybb app

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    No ways, I'm using a BB 9900 and that myBB app is not good, it keeps crashing and BIS doesn't work well with the app. Can never access my PM's nor threads that I have subscribed to. Rather stick to the BB Browser. Simple & Fast. The app is a no no for me! Keeps giving connection errors as well.

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    I have to agree, I wanted to post a pic yesterday and could not with the mybb app. Quoting and replying to threads is a mission, its really not user friendly. I am going to use tapatalk until the mybb app is fixed.

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    tapatalk. it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by biometrics View Post
    The mods said they switched to the vbulletin app because it makes moderation easier for them. So that was done for the mods not the members.
    First I've heard of that.

    FWIW - I've just downloaded the mybb app and Tapatalk has much better mod tools.
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    +1 for tapatalk.
    although i hit an issue with onavo - it gives me a permission error when not on wifi.
    after a month of using the vbulletin app, i switched back, mainly due to basic ux issues.
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