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Thread: EVE Online

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    Default EVE Online

    Good Morning South African Gaming Public

    With the personal demise of SWTOR for me (few things against the game itself, just jaded with themepark mmo's in general now) I reached into my storage boxes and found my old copy of Eve Online. Started playing it again and loving it as you have to make your own "end game contect", and the sky is the limit in what you want to achieve in game. This may also have been brought about by Gevlon and him starting another little project of his.

    Anyway, just wondering if there are any SA gamers playing it atm?

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    Hey, well I’ve been playing EVE Online for about 3 years now (took a 7 month break last year thou) and the RL friends I’ve started playing with are also still around but we’re all scattered through different corps/alliances etc. There are definitely some SA corps/alliances around and you tend to see the obvious SA Character (by name) passing through systems or by the accent on comms

    You can contact my alt “Witblits” in game should you wish, he and my main is in their own little pvp corp for now until I have more playtime to rejoin one of my previous alliances.

    o7 Fly safe!
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    Hi, welcome back to Eve, have been playing for a few years. There are a number of SA corps running and
    you can find most of us or our alts sitting in chat channel "RSA Chat1"

    If you need any help, drop me a mail or chat me ingame.

    char names are shackdavid, shackcat.

    Dont get scammed

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    Hi all eve players. I saw it on youtube and it looks nice. But my one friend said to me you take up to 6 Months to get where you want to be. The only thing i want to know, is this game free or is it like WOW where you pay every month for the game?

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    It's not free to play, the usual $15 per month applies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spek View Post
    Hi all eve players. I saw it on youtube and it looks nice. But my one friend said to me you take up to 6 Months to get where you want to be. The only thing i want to know, is this game free or is it like WOW where you pay every month for the game?
    You never get where you want to be... But you can start playing with old players from the start and be useful if you have enough guts. You pay like WOW, BUT it is possible to pay for you account with in-game money. So if you put in a bit of effort you can play for free.
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    When ME 3 drops I'll set a long skill and take an EVEcation, but until then I'm loving my war/null/fun corp. I'd love to get SA's on to beef up our time zone. There truly is something for everyone by us

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    Try startrekonline.com it's free to play and easy to get into. Bonus if you like phasers and torpedoes

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    Is there perhaps a eve online player in Pretoria whom would put the 18 gig offline installers with patches included on a dvd for me?

    I will pay you 10mil isk or if you dont feel like that R100.

    It will take me forever to download.

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    Hey breeker, I can download it for you. Just send me files to download - in centurion though.
    Soos 'n choppie op die vuur.

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    Lucky, i live in centurion aswell.


    This address will take you to 3 files, Exe , Payload1 , Payload2. They need to be in the same folder to install and if the download has some damaged files , the eve repair tool works well enough. Also could you burn it on a dvd if possable , will fully reimburse. The first time i played eve the download was much smaller....

    Thnx , will stare at empty space in the mean time.

    Copying the whole eve directory can also be done , would safe on bandwith.
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    Thnx for Brenden for helping me out , real nice guy.

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    So worked with just that installer? I think the 19GB you saw was someone with an old account that had a bunch of legacy stuff in there.
    Soos 'n choppie op die vuur.

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    Another current Eve thread to spread the word

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