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Thread: Box is giving away free 50Gb storage if you download the Android app.

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    Default Box is giving away free 50Gb storage if you download the Android app.


    As you’ve probably heard, we’re giving away 50GB upgrades to new and existing Box Personal users who log in from any Android phone or tablet in the next month. With all that extra space for storage and sharing, Box for Android users can easily collaborate with colleagues on business content from anywhere, especially given the slew of new features we’re adding with today’s update (v1.6) to the app.
    If you download the Box application (Search for "Box" in Android Market) for the next month (new or existing users) you get 50Gb free storage.
    Take note there is a 100Mb file size limit but 50Gb is still sweet.

    The browser web interface is also easy and supports dragging and dropping multiple files.

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    Very attractive offer. I'm using a free Dropbox account at the moment, but I'll register for Box and give it a chance, thanks to this promotion.

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    very cool. Must get.
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    I just wish they had the same app as Dropbox.

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    Box is okay,but their unwillingness to provide a desktop client for free for PC is a big no-no to me
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    Thanks.. Just signed up
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    For me I don't use the desktop app as I prefer not to sync to my pc as I use SSD drive so don't have that much free space.

    I don't have an excuse now not to use cloud storage as both box and dropbox serves as backup for each other.

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    I was just upgraded to a lifetime 50gb account

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    It's a pity that Box don't have a free sync client. Until they do I forsee them failing.

    Dropbox on the other hand is simple to use, it supports Linux / Apple and Windows and has a free desktop sync client on all platforms now. A far superior product.
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