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Thread: Throw away your DivX DVD Players. XviD being phased out.

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    Default Re: Throw away your DivX DVD Players. XviD being phased out.

    Quote Originally Posted by techead View Post
    ok I guess this explains the issue I was having the other day then.

    I had a MKV movie (was about 6GB) and I was trying to play it on a Sony LCD using the built-in media player on the TV.

    First of all the TV cant pick up a NTFS partition, so I had to change it to FAT32. Then I couldnt copy the movie on...

    I found a app that I could "tweak" the MKV file. It basically changes the container to MP4, no recoding. Takes about 10 sec for a 6GB file. I enabled the 4GB limit and it split the file for me.

    Plugged that in and I was a for away... So the TV can play the x264 codex, just doesnt like the MKV container.

    One would think that the tv manufacturers would do something about that.....
    Which app would that be?
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