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Thread: Microsoft, others to complain to EU over Google+

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    Default Microsoft, others to complain to EU over Google+

    Microsoft and several other firms have complained to EU antitrust regulators about Google’s social networking tool in a move that may prompt the EU to broaden its ongoing investigation into Google...

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    boohoo, cry me a river...

    Then M$ should also be probed for skype etc...
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    Is Google a monopoly? No.

    Do users have a choice what services they wish to use? Yes.

    Google rocks, that's just a fact. People CHOOSE to use them, a concept Microsoft has difficulty coming to terms with.

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    IMO we need an anti-trust investigation of Apple ...

    Especially wrt registration of prior art as new patents and then trying to sue everyone !

    And stealing trademarks.

    They got away with paying a mere USD500 million for stealing the Apple trademark from the Beatles, should have been much more.
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    This etag thing sounds like killing the goose that lays the golden egg, and flogging the horse until it is dead.



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