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View Poll Results: Please rate your Vodacom 3G/HSPA connection on speed, stability and reliability

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  • 5 Excellent (much better than expected)

    6 4.44%
  • 4 Good (better than expected)

    35 25.93%
  • 3 Fair (exactly as expected)

    46 34.07%
  • 2 Bad (worse than expected)

    30 22.22%
  • 1 Pathetic (much worse than expected)

    18 13.33%
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Thread: Vodacom 3G/HSPA Please rate your broadband connection

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    Exclamation Vodacom 3G/HSPA Please rate your broadband connection

    Hi there

    Can you please rate your Vodacom 3G/HSPA connection on speed, stability and reliability? Do you get what you expected, or is your experience better or worse than what you expected?

    It will be great if you can also tell us:

    • In which area/s you use your connection?
    • What can Vodacom do to make you a happier customer?

    Please post your comments in this thread (by posting your views you will stand a chance to win an iPad 2).
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    East London - I live in the Beacon Bay area, and in the evening, and weekends, my 3G speeds drops constantly, even when switching it to gprs speeds.

    They can make me a happier customer by giving better deals on data bundles for prepaid customers, and improving the service in my area. Also, a bigger selection of phones on the Topup 135 package would be nice. I am due for an upgrade soon.

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    I use Vodacom in Grahamstown, Illovo, Tzaneen, Umhlanga, Cape Town.

    Pricing is a serious issue, that is why I mainly use Cell C - in Illovo, Cape Town and Umhlanga, does not work in the other places.

    I have found Vodacom 3G to be generally fast and stable in most places, with some hiccups in Grahamstown where it was recently down for a few days.

    But for the pricing I would only use Vodacom. But alas, not to be. So I also use Cell C and 8ta.
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    Super Grandmaster OGroteKoning's Avatar
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    Speed - Very irratic. Since Jan, I had to put up with speeds as low as 50kbps. In the last couple of days it has improved to 2500-3500kbps. Almost a year ago I got peak dl speeds of ave 6000kbps and ave latency if 50ms.

    Stability and reliability - Connection is not stable. On occasions the signal will be lost and whatever downloads I was busy with had to be restarted and 300mb was lost from my contract in Feb alone.

    Do you get what you expected, or is your experience better or worse than what you expected? - Worse. My expectation was created in May/June last year with dl speeds of ave 6000kbps and latency of ave 50ms.

    Area/s - The above in the east of Pta. I am also connecting in a daily basis in Wadeville where it is even worse.

    What can Vodacom do to make you a happier customer?
    1. Compensate me for lost bandwidth
    2. Get the network stable and reliable
    3. Reduce data rates
    4. Reduce rates even more when the network is so slow/unstable
    5. Buy me a jetski

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpm View Post
    Can you please rate your Vodacom 3G/HSPA connection on speed, stability and reliability? Do you get what you expected, or is your experience better or worse than what you expected?
    Speeds are a bit hit and miss,sometimes have to do a lion king to get connection speed sorted. Connections swap between 3g and HSDPA too often to my liking

    [*]In which area/s you use your connection?

    [*]What can Vodacom do to make you a happier customer?
    Lowering data pricing or getting an ACTUAL smartphone data bundle going for the average user. Some of their sales reps are a bit useless,unwilling to help,so if there was someone to report them to it would help. Some service to prevent Out-of-bundle usage from killing your bill would be good,and lastly,blocking WASPs actively from deducting moneys would go miles to repair their image
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    Hardly use 3G/HSDPA on my tablet since I have WiFi, but cannot complain. Speed, coverage, latency are all favorable with Vodacom.

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    Derailment Squad ShaunSA's Avatar
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    Use it in Pmburg and Greytown. Used to be fairly good but sucks lately.

    Will be happy if they dropped prices!

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    Robin Hills Randburg.

    Very poor signal.....most times my connection speed is only on EDGE.

    Installed a high gain aerial..... to improve signal today after months of frustration.
    Connecting at HSPA but still only one bar on the strength meter.

    Download Speed: 570 kbps (71.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

    Upload Speed: 167 kbps (20.9 KB/sec transfer rate)

    Latency: 75 ms


    Test conducted on Fri 02 Mar 2012 11:34:10 SAST

    Download Speed: 1224 kbps (153 KB/sec transfer rate)

    Upload Speed: 562 kbps (70.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

    Latency: 409 ms
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    Plumstead Cape Town it sucks here. It fluctuates and is erratic. This used to be the backup connection, but now has been relegated to a reluctant use just because it has to be or bundles are lost.

    It used to be fair, but now bad verging on pathetic.

    Vodacom, sort out consistent 3G speeds and let data roll-over and accumulate for longer periods... oh and drop the prices.
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    Equestria , Pta East. Speed is stable on HSPA..never get 3G here.

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    4/5 - Prepaid using a few of their 20GB specials
    speed, stability and reliability: good/good/good - only issue i had was video's not downloading properly
    In which area/s you use your connection?: North Beach,Durban.
    What can Vodacom do to make you a happier customer?: prepaid prices aren't competitive vrs other options.
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    Speed: Fairly good (always get >1Mbps)
    Reliability: Fair to bad (I often find myself struggling to connect)
    Stability: Average (I don't get dropped that often on downloads esp.)

    I use my connection in the Secunda (TEKS) area.
    What I would like from Vodacom is better prepaid rates and the abolishment of the R2/Mb OOB rates on their contracts. I feel the OOB is the reason they don't extend their contract specials to prepaid.
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    Bloemfontein - K4605 modem mostly good speeds, 18-19 MBps otherwise 12 - 14 MBps.

    Speeds are the fastest for all connections I have. Have connection stability and latency variation hassles time to time. Fix those, and Vodacom has best connection in my area - without any reservations. Also coverage is not complete but better than other ISP's.
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    I use it in Pretoria East the most of the time, always stable and fast. At times when we go to a guest farm near Lydenburg I normally get edge speeds there, also very stable and fast.

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    I use mine in Durbanville at night and over weekends.
    Connection not always that great.

    During the week I use it in Wynberg - connectivity always great.

    I do struggle at times to get proper speeds.

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