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Thread: I finally gave up on WoW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugo69er View Post
    Get Battlefield 3. Much better game imo :thumbup:
    +1 perhaps even solitaire compared to wow is better loooool

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    Just park your account till mop comes out. I have "given up on wow" many times until expansion or huge patch comes out. When I find myself getting bored i cancel subs until something new comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoLogic001 View Post
    "been proven theoretically"

    It's true, stance dancing with a Arms Warrior can net up to a 3% DPS increase. Unfortunately it can be unforgiving and requires very good timing. With a latency of about 200 you are looking at a 1% DPS increase at most. However as Arms Warriors are one of the better classes on HC Ultraxion it should not really be needed.

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    I play WOW over 3g and averages +-250 which is very playable. I have also used and it works very well, it halves the ping.

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    I had my latency down too 125ms and when playing with my guild they cried when theirs reach 50ms, why, cause they in the UK and I am here. I feel with all the South Africans and their latency issues.

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