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Thread: Cell C 3g stick with MTN sim

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    Default Cell C 3g stick with MTN sim

    Will a MTN sim work in a Cell C 3g stick ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sajunky View Post
    ok cool, but what software do i use ?

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    What your using should work,APN settings etc are the same for all.
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    If you want to use actual software once the modem has been installed with its drivers etc., the Cell C software you got with your stick works just fine. As does gingg's excellent freebie MDMA. But frankly why bother with dashboard software at all? Once installed it should run directly, on pretty much any network, simply by clicking the network icon in Win 7's system tray. You can monitor your usage online or if that's too cumbersome, with MDMA or a freebie download like Tautology Bandwidth Meter.

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    thanks for the info guys/gals , much appreciated !



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