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Thread: Anyone know the value of an old R50 Jan v. Riebeeck note?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcidRaZor View Post
    Those can fetch quite a price from what I've read
    R100.00 or so ...

    Not easy to get rich off old money :P

    EDIT : I have one of those too, actually

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pooky View Post
    I have an old R1 note.
    Shows your age

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    I had an 1896 penny I found in the school grounds, it was worth about 20c, 20 years ago. Old money isn't really worth much unless it's a defective print, rare coinage.
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    Van Riebeeck you bloody colonialist
    Quote Originally Posted by ngwe23 View Post
    Does everything have to be about race? Stop it with the persecution complex already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja'd View Post
    Van Riebeeck you bloody colonialist
    True...So true.Ill take the fifty off your hands for nothing. Call it an anti colonial service...

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    I have collected paper money for the last 40 years,

    I also collect ZAR coins,

    What I can tell you, is that most people think the old notes are worth hundreds if not thousands, but in most cases, an old R50 is worth R100 to a collector if in a good condition. It is only the rare notes that are in good mint that are worth something incredible,

    I have 16 R50 notes, the red ones in my collection, My favourites are the old Jan VR 5 and 10 Pound notes... once again folk think they are worth hundreds and thousands, I paid R300 - R350 for mine.....

    I also have bundles of R2 .... only worth R2 notes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerfherder View Post
    those notes are no longer legal tender... so worthless.
    Notes are never worthless. It might not be legal tender anymore but the reserve bank always has to honor them. They will exchange them for face value.

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