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Thread: MTN and Mobmatic eating my money

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    Default MTN and Mobmatic eating my money

    I recently notice that my airtime from one of my topup airtime is disappearing and from 21 March until today they have took R57 and calling 0112185611 they manage to stop them and told me mobmatic have been taking slice of my airtime since October 25 last year, what I want is a simple refund and MTN says I must call mobmatic on 0213002334 and request a refund, so i did but the voice machine says they open at 9am till 4pm but its 9:40 but the machine still says the same thing grrr thieves I have never received anything from them nor have I subscribe to anything grrr

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    It's always a good idea to keep a close eye on all of your accounts, and another good idea is to never give consent to sharks like mobmatic... It's always an incredible battle to get out.
    Only the ANC will try to deny that e-tolls cost them a ton of votes in Gauteng...

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    am lodging a complain with WASPA now and have identify the code of conduct breached

    6.2.11. The member providing the service must keep a record of the confirmation provided by the
    customer (for 6.2.9 (a)) or the notification sent to the customer (for 6.2.9 (b)).

    11.2.1. Customers may not be automatically subscribed to a subscription service as a result of a
    request for any non-subscription content or service. Customers may not automatically be subscribed
    to a subscription service without specifically opting in to that service.

    11.2.5. If a subscription service is initiated by a customer sending an SMS to the service provider, then
    a separate confirmation message must then be sent to the customer's mobile handset. Only once the
    customer has followed the activation instructions in the confirmation message can they be subscribed
    to the subscription service.

    11.2.6. The confirmation message described in 11.2.5 must include the subscription service
    information in the following format, flow and wording:
    [service activation instructions and/or activation code]. You'll be subscribed to [XYZ service]
    from [name of service provider] at [cost of service and frequency of billing].

    11.3.1. If a subscription service is initiated by entering a customer's mobile number on a web page or
    WAP site, then a separate confirmation message must be sent to the customer's mobile handset in
    order to prove that the number entered matches the customer's mobile handset number. This
    message may either:
    (a) contain a PIN which is then confirmed or validated on the web page, or
    (b) contain the name of the service, an explanation of the confirmation process, and a URL
    with a unique identifier, which, when clicked, validates the handset number

    11.5.1. Once a customer has subscribed to a subscription service, a notification message must
    immediately be sent to the customer. This welcome message should not be mistaken for an advert or
    marketing message. The customer may not be charged for this message

    11.5.2. The welcome message must start with the text "Welcome: " and must also be a clear
    notification of the following information, in the following order:
    (a) The name of the subscription service;
    (b) The cost of the subscription service and the frequency of the charges;
    (c) Clear and concise instructions for unsubscribing from the service;
    (d) The service provider’s telephone number

    11.6.1. A monthly reminder SMS must be sent to all subscription service customers. This reminder
    must be sent within 30 days of the initial notification message, and once per calendar month
    thereafter. The customer may not be charged for these reminder messages.

    11.8. Reminder message for WAP services
    11.8.1. For services where the primary means of interacting with the service is via WAP, either the
    format set out in 11.6.2 or the the following format must be used:
    Reminder: You are subscribed to [name of service provider] [content/service description].
    Cost [cost of service and frequency of billing]. For help call [call centre number + “(VAS)” if
    applicable]. To unsub, click here [WAP link].

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    Dear BlackMamba,

    Please contact us on 0105008164 or send an email to if your query has not been resolved to date.We apologize for the difficulty in getting through to us, if the lines are all occupied during office hours, only then is the call is diverted to voice mail.

    Customer support



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