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Thread: Is it the modem or the cable

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    Default Is it the modem or the cable


    I recently bought a 20m LAN cable to connect my computer to the ADSL Modem (I have a Telkom Billion 400G Modem).

    When I connect the cable, a network connection is not established for some weird reason. When I push and hold the other end of the cable into the modem, a network connection is then established.

    The built in Wi-Fi on the modem works when it feels like it wants to work; sometimes there is no Wi-Fi network comming from my modem.

    So is it my modem that is at fault or is it the cable that is at fault?


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    try moving the boots back away from the connector, perhaps they are not making proper contact because of the boots, when i crimp cables now i just leave boots off completely.

    also i dont fully understand, when you say you push and hold the other end of the cable into the modem do you mean you are connecting the modem to itself?

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    It sounds like there is an issue with the ethernet port contacts on the modem - do what D3x! says, try move the boot back a bit on the cable and make sure you get a proper connection. also try the other ethernet ports to see if they make better connection.

    If the WiFi is also flaky it may be worthwhile replacing the modem.
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