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Thread: Synchronizing files, duplicate files already in different destination folders

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    Default Synchronizing files, duplicate files already in different destination folders

    I have copied files from my secondary hard drive to USB drive in January and have not done a back up in the past few months. In the secondary drive I have renamed files to meaningful names, and organized them into a better folder structure.

    I need to synchronize this 1TB drive with my 1TB backup USB drive (which has files that do not exist on the secondary drive). I also need to delete/rename/move duplicate files of the same or different filename that may be in the same or different directory on the destination drive, and this point is an ongoing requirement as the source drive gets structured over time.

    Can anyone suggest a tool that will allow me to synchronize a drive, whilst moving or deleting existing files (under same or different filename name and folder) on the destination drive?

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    Posted in wrong forum, should have been the software forum. Still, I expect I might have to do the development but I am still hoping someone found a tool out there. I can rule out Fast Duplicate File Finder, I do use that tool and it does not cut in in general.

    I will have to copy the directory tree across to the destination drive - but ignore all folders ending with _files - these are usually saved web pages. Then build a file list of those existing on the destination drive, then do a compare (size then contents, maybe date) with the file list on the source drive (ignoring the saved web pages and their folders). Create a list of actions that would be performed and allow me to deselect the actions. Thereafter move the files on the destination directory to match the location on the source directory, and rename the file where necessary. Then deal with the html files and their folders - which would have a lot of wanted duplicates.

    Thereafter run a regular tool like Synkron, and finally locate and delete empty folders.

    Any feedback appreciated.



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