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Thread: Lumia 800 Skydrive Sync Errors

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    Default Lumia 800 Skydrive Sync Errors

    Eversince late this afternoon I cannot seem to access or sync my Ms word docs stored in Skydrive via the Office Tile, although Skydrive is accessable via the PC etc. The phones internet connection functions on all other apps work including the Hotmail etc.
    I suspect the "Authentication" platform of Skydrive has a problem and wonder which is the best form/way to inform Skydrive. 3 x Hard Rests could not cure this problem. Wonder if any other Lumia users have the same problem?

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    Nope, my sky drive is syncing normally on my Lumia.

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    @Ivan, besides what I PM'd you, one thing you could try is goto in IE (on phone), and logout (if logged in) and then log back in. The office hub uses IE's auth so it may be some weird problem there.
    Although, hardresetting should have worked...

    Mine is working on all my phone fine too.
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    Matt found the answer on this Link:
    Thanks for the pointer and all works again as a Wondows Phone should.



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