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Thread: Payment Gateway

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    Default Payment Gateway

    Hi fellow my bb members

    I am looking into a payment gateway like this where the user does not have to sign up etc

    Here is my scenario currently using zen cart user logins into his account checkouts to monsterpay and then is prompted to create a account with them as well is there no ways around this basically like how gumtree etc is doing it

    Once again replies appreciated

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    try checking out
    I have used them on a couple of WordPress sites that I have done... and they support ZenCart
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    Yeah I know them as well but they the same as monster pay a user has to sign up with them as well before checking out

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    there are very few payment gateways that do not require registration...
    another one I have used in the past if 2CO (2Checkout), but they are US based and not local.
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    but 2CO will allow for credit cards payments without the need to register (the reason we chose them)
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    I think I made a thread about this a while back (or posted in someone elses) - think the consensus was that VCS is the best for SA... never heard of this 2CO though so may be worth checking out.

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    we use 2CO as a payment gateway on one of our sites about 2 years back. We offered the user 2 options, PayPal for those that wanted to use it, or 2CO for those that did not want to go through the registration and simply perform a quick CC transaction.
    The only thing is, 2CO will only release funds once the balance of the account reaches a certain figure... I think it was $100 or $200.
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    safeshop does not require user login

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    We offer clients credit card via MyGate and efts via PayFast. The cc transactions are pushed through to their enterprise api via soap calls, user stays on our site and everything takes place in the background through an ajax request.

    Happy to help if need be.



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