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Thread: Best courier for online store...

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    Default Best courier for online store...

    Hi All...

    Just wanted to know if anyone has any idea who are the top couriers in SA for an e-commerse online store
    It's going to be our first site where there will be items to deliver and I thought i would get some insight on these forums...

    Thanks in advance...

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    dhl never let me down though they quite expensive.

    maybe try internet express.
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    We use these guys, and they are more reliable than DHL (I got a package today, it was sent via air freight about 6 weeks ago from China, DHL then sent it to Australia, sent it back to South Africa then wanted us to pay double the clearance as it was part of 2 parcels that were sent seperately and we paid clearance on both when we had the first one cleared).

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    Takealot uses these guys and I've only experienced good service and fast delivery.

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    Dawn Wing?

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    Fastway is quite cheap for sending parcels and they are reliable from what I've heard. You buy vouchers (about 50 at a time), so you pay a fixed price per box, which will be easier to calculate on your online shop..

    TheCourierGuy is another good option, I've been using them for a while now and happy with the price/service. They have pre-paid rates and the normal post paid account.. With the Prepaid, you pay an amount and they deduct from there as you use..
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    For valuable items, DHL.

    Time Freight is also pretty good, used them a couple of times in the past. Pretty much Dawn Wing under a different name (all part of DPD Laser). Price was good and they were quite quick/reliable.

    One of my clients suggested I check out SkyNet as well, can't remember why I decided not to use them - think (THIIIINK) it was a cost issue.

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    RAM is pretty good!
    I order often from places in Cape Town and RAM delivers to me overnight or within 48hrs, parcel size irrelevant, for R105.

    Other than that Fastway is nice. The way to work out who to use is to give the various guys a shot one by one and experience their service for yourself. Try sending a variety of different parcels through differing companies. Take note of what they charge vs what they offer vs how you experienced their service.

    You'll eventually find a company that works well for you in all three areas.

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    these guys rock

    you can get online quotes and alllll

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    Quote Originally Posted by hugo69er View Post

    Takealot uses these guys and I've only experienced good service and fast delivery.
    This and The Courier Guy are very good. Used Ram very little but gotten good service from them.

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    i used fastway twice before, jhb to cpt is not overnight for some reason paid a 100 bucks :/

    thats why i don't recommend it, it should be overnight, even sapo is overnight and there service is terrible.
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    Thanks to everyone for all the input i shall take a look at see which suits me best !

    Once again a fruitful response from the mybb community thanks all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NomNom View Post
    This and The Courier Guy are very good. Used Ram very little but gotten good service from them.
    I used the Courier Guy extensively at my old work, handed them numerous packages for delivery on a daily basis.
    They gave great customer service especially when you needed to know where the parcel is or an eta for your customer to know.

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    I use fastway and am pretty happy with them.

    What do you guys use for international deliveries?

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