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Thread: Is your Wi-Fi data still in Google’s hands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelus View Post
    What's the URL of aforesaid website?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HosstheBoss View Post
    I wasn't thinking who you but rather where you are. Like I said I am completely clueless about these things (don't even know what wireless SSID is) hence me asking you that question. You referred me to an earlier post about "non GPS location accuracy" so I assumed the information has something to do with pinpointing ones location from the wireless network when you go onto google. I'll just go google an answer explaining why they needed to collect ones wireless info.

    *OK I guess this would explain to a small degree why they collected the data?

    "Why was Google collecting Wi-Fi data in the first place?

    Google says it was collecting basic Wi-Fi data from network routers including Service Set Identifier (SSID) information and Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. The search giant says collecting this information from data access points across the world helps the company improve the accuracy of its location-based products like Google Maps for mobile, My Location, and Buzz."
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