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Thread: Popular websites

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    Default Popular websites

    Hi Guys

    This is just a question for some webmasters or website owners, more to see your reactions....

    Have you ever had a website that suddenly (after a few days, weeks or even months) get international exposure or go viral. One where your hits suddenly in a matter of minutes turn from a few unique visitors to thousand + unique in an hour or so.. Where page views turn into the thousands per hour and your site gets picked up by one website after the other.

    What are your feelings when this happens, also did you ever experience server problems, such as bandwidth issues etc.?

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    Did this happen with bizcardmaker.com?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eehellfire View Post
    Did this happen with bizcardmaker.com?
    No, not in a long shot.

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    yah i did, site gets about a 1000 visits a day, 100k hits on search engines a day. Bandwidth is a nightmare. I had adsence lol, google blacklisted me. Im looking for advertises on the site, nothing profitable at the moment. the site is www.matric411.co.za


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    Quote Originally Posted by House View Post
    No, not in a long shot.
    Just asking...



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