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Thread: Strange nr/subsription I never subscribed to!

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    Default Strange nr/subsription I never subscribed to!

    Hey guys, got this sms from some dodge nr saying im subscribed to one or another 'fun' theme @ R5 a month.
    I wanna check what this service is, by looking up the nr.

    Can someone please remind me what the website is to check the authenticity of this so called "company" charging me R5 a month.... I've never used their service/platform and want to check if its bullShizzles

    Thanks in advance

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    Lol , that south african website where you fill in a number and checks if its a registered consumer nr or something. Seen it before on mybb, just dunno what it is anymore

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    Phone your network (Voda, MTN, Cell C, 8ta, Virgin) depending on which one you use. Ask them what you are subscribed to, they will give you the phone number of the place you subscribed to.



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