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Thread: Use HSDPA modem for firefox and DSL for everything else.

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    Question Use HSDPA modem for firefox and DSL for everything else.

    Hi, I have a USB modem from Cell C and a DSL account from Mweb.

    Both are connected to my PC at this time but I can only use one account.

    How is it possible to set my browser to use the Cell C? Please assist.

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    Not from the browser. On PC "Connect to" disable DSL connection and dial CellC.

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    you need to setup a forwarding proxy configured to use the CellC connection as gateway and connect your browser to it. easy in linux. not so much in windblows.

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    Could be possible via some kind of proxy setup, but it won't be pretty or easy.

    edit: omg I should refresh tabs before responding.
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