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Thread: VMWare Cloud Hosting?

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    Default VMWare Cloud Hosting?

    Hi All,

    I'm looking for a host that provides VMWare Cloud Hosting.

    I have a Windows Server 2008 VMWare virtual machine that I need hosted.

    There seem to be a few providers in the US and UK but I haven't come across anyone local to SA.

    Anyone have any experience with this locally?


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    Does it really have to be VMware? I know VMware is the most popular and also the best by far going by features ect, but there are others that does the job just as well.
    Few people can see the genius in someone who has offended them.
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    Hi Tinuva,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm so familiar with VMWare I guess it's a comfort zone thing.

    I want to be able to quickly and easily move my entire Windows Server 2008 virtual machine - as well as have an exact replica of the VM for local development.

    What else do you suggest I look at?


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    I'd say anything that has a capable migration path should be just fine. Remember the virtual environment won't change all that much except for a few drivers, the rest should be fine, considering windows only runs on full hypervisors like VMWare esxi, Xen, HyperV, KVM ect. Windows however won't run on openvz for example.

    They all are different in their own way, but in the end you as a user will not really see the difference. Also, hosters don't run the vmware as you know, they mostly will run only esxi.

    Personally, if I wanted to run a Windows OS, I would probably go with someone that uses HyperV, because they both made by Microsoft, and can only work well, and you have a single point for support for both.

    Perhaps choose a provider in SA based on the support you will get, and price you will pay, choose the best of the mixes, then ask them what they run, and migrate your own personal server locally to what they use. It would also give you some insight as to how their environment work, with the exception they will be using a SAN or NAS for storage as opposed to local storage that you would be running.
    Few people can see the genius in someone who has offended them.
    - Robertson Davies

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