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Thread: Personal Hotspot on New iPad?

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    Angry Personal Hotspot on New iPad?

    Anyone know how to setup a wifi hotspot on the new iPad? I'm with Vodacom.


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    It needs to be enabled by the SP

    If it has been the settings are under Settings, General, Network.
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    I got a new ipad 4 10 days ago. in addition i got a micro sim from 8ta. However are battling to setup the hotspot on my ipad. None of the setup buttons are available? I logged a complaint on hello peter last night. Was very impressed with the response time. However the instructions they have sent me did not work because i did not have the options on my ipad? Their respone on that was: "we just had confirmation that the ipad does not support hotspot". I queried that but since then they have ignored me!!! I have googled for the last week already but get no answer either! Hoping someone on My Broadband can assist me.

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    It was working until recently. I suppose the sp's are angling to provide it only for an additional charge?

    Anyone from a sp prepared to comment?



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