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Thread: MTN Please rate your cellular service (voice and SMS service)

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    In which area/s do you mainly use the service?
    What can MTN do to make you a happier customer?
    sometimes when people call me,its goes straight to voicemail. other times they tell me it sounds like i rejected the my house in gillits,i have been having an issue for the last two weeks that nobody can hear me some of these are old problems.others new.which shows that they are in fact going backwards.please fix this because it would save me an earful :P

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    In which area/s do you mainly use the service?

    What can MTN do to make you a happier customer?
    My experience with MTN has been great excellent coverage no drop calls but they should reduce the prices for data and voice(contract plans).The best decision i have made from 2006 porting from Cell C to MTN
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    Number porting went really badly - the number was ported late one evening but service only went live late the following afternoon (after messing up my business day completely)

    Services have twice become de-activated intermittently - first cli and then bis after working for some time they just stopped working for no reason. Very poor indeed!

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    I tried my best to work with MTN as I had multiple lines needing upgrade and I did port my number to MTN out of loyaly, but I think MTN should consult with some of us to hear about our experiences first hand, and thereby get free but extremely useful advice as to where (dramatic) improvements could be made.

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    Voice: Generally performing as well as expected.
    SMS: No problems at all, other than some spam lately

    Area of use:
    Southern Cape; Garden Route Area

    What can MTN do to make you a happier customer?
    Offer better priced 3G deals.

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    Voice: Not too bad, I do get the odd dropped call but I spend a lot of time on the phone.
    SMS: Dont really use sms

    In which area/s do you mainly use the service?
    Jhb cbd and Eastrand
    What can MTN do to make you a happier customer?
    Some 3G reception would be nice for a change. Might actually use them if I can get better 3G service at home. How about some decent deals, not the boring mundane stuff you currently have.
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    No real issue on mtn, actually just upgraded.

    Maybe including bigger bundles of data on contract though will make it more appealing

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    Durbanville, Cape Town

    Relook at their data bundles - reduce their data costs.

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    I have zero MTN service in my area
    [*]In which area/s do you mainly use the service?

    Try to use it in Illovo, Joburg, but virtually no service. I have major problems with visitors / contractors on MTN, they cannot make / receive calls.
    [*]What can MTN do to make you a happier customer?

    Provide a service!
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    I mainly use voice, and SMS, and before I moved to Cape Town things were fine, but ever since I moved down things haven't been good, maybe it's cos I'm close to the mountain? but my calls don't get through and I don't receive calls and SMSes take a while to get through.
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    I use mainly the Voice and Internet services. Voice reception is great especially on the Cape West Coast and along the national roads.

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    In which area/s do you mainly use the service?
    Mostly in Montgomery park - signal is very poor for voice. 3G is a no-go. SMS service is fine.

    What can MTN do to make you a happier customer?

    Better coverage. I'm on Anytime contract and would like bundle purchases to be taken from my (existing) airtime.

    And what the story of paying for detailed billing? MTN SP would rather pay the cost of two snail mail letters, one for invoice & one for statement than give me free online detailed billing??!!

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    I use MTN mainly in Melrose Arch and Bryanston. My Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) sometimes dies from around 23:30 to 01:00 the next day. This is a big problem for me as I don't have access to any other internet connection from home (Bryanston). I haven't got around to complaining yet though

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    In which area/s do you mainly use the service?

    What can MTN do to make you a happier customer?
    Better 3g coverage in Howick

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    I believe the main thing that should be done to improve the value for money proposition for voice and sms is a price reduction.

    Frankly speaking, I am literally scared each time I make a phone call because I know I need to keep a strict tab on the number of minutes I spend on the call because the price of making a call is so high.

    Perhaps the reason why people will in future use their phones for IMing and web surfing as opposed to calling and sending sms's is because these are expensive services. I buy sms's with my loyalty points at every opportunity not because I use sms's but because I don't want to be paying nearly R2.00 just for 144 characters so I don't want to be caught without sms's - in the unlikely event that I need to use this type of communication.

    So, in a nutshell - I have no problem with the quality of service of voice and sms from MTN, just the cost.

    P.S. I really feel like going for another data contract because R99/mth for 2GB (anytime - with a free modem) is seriously attractive. It surely beats the price of making a phone call.
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