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Thread: Wi-Fi Question - Home Network Setup

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    Quote Originally Posted by keags1 View Post
    I will check now quickly, what is WDS?
    It appears the Zyxel does support is one of the options in the user manual.

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    so you should be sorted then. Just follow the instructions, and take it slow. If the wife is nagging tell her to go fish

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    Quote Originally Posted by techead View Post
    so you should be sorted then. Just follow the instructions, and take it slow. If the wife is nagging tell her to go fish
    Yes thanks.

    Sorry just saw your previous posts now.
    I updated the firmware on the weekend.
    The FTP site has the manual, that is what I was using, the issue there is that once I have setup the AP mode, I cannot access the router afterwards.
    The IP gives me a "404 Page not found error"...

    But I guess I will look through it, the troubleshooting guide does say that the IP of my PC needs to be within the range of - .255, I have it set to define automatically.

    I will see what I can do. My thought was set it up in the study and see if I can access the network / ADSL router before trying to setup the PS3 etc.

    Anyways, thanks for the help!

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    Ok an update.

    I have managed to set the Zyxel up as an access point, however I am unable to connect it to my existing Wi-Fi connection.
    As a test, I am using my PC disconnected from my home network and plugged into the Zyxel, my thoughts being if i get access to the net off the Zyxel then the Wi-Fi bridge is working.

    Could someone please let me know what settings I should be looking for on the Zyxel to allow it to firstly "see" the wi-fi connection and connect to it?
    I cannot see anywhere to set-up my SSID of my existing network and password for this network.


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    I am getting the hang of the Zyxel now.
    I just need to know what settings need to be put into the different routers so that the signal is shared.

    Do I use the primary router's settings in the Zyxel?
    As in:

    IP Addresses

    or is everything unique.
    Do I need to put the ISP's details into the Zyxel?

    At one point the Zyxel asks me what the internet connection is, Ethernet, PPoE, PPP or Mobile 3G. Are these required?

    If anyone has had experience in this regards please let me know.


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