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Thread: Emergency cash reserves?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HavocXphere View Post
    I doubt its difficult. I got 1.5x salary with zilch credit history or collateral. And thats just what the bank volunteered - I'm sure if one were to ask for a specific amount they'd be happy to oblige...more profit for them.
    What they volunteered is probably what they're willing to offer. But how keen would they be to give you 4-6 months salary as credit? In addition the banks have to consider the National Credit Act, so they can't hand out massive credit facilities just to make more money. Now before that you could go to five banks, get twice your income as a limit at each, then take out a home loan based on 30% of your income and perhaps throw in a few fat personal loans. They also used to increase your limit periodically if you paid regularly. In the UK, without a similar law, we had a limit five times our monthly income, and it just kept going up because we always paid on time.

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    This is an excellent thread. I have picked up a few tips from posters. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fdaniels View Post
    It is not really worth having liquid cash reserve. That money is just making the bank money. Rather just have your credit for that purpose. Ignore the temptation to use it and just store your card in your vault. Set your credit limit to a few times your monthly income and you are golden.

    That way you can invest your other money (that you would have had as reserves). Push comes to shove you can use your credit card if you really run into an emergency and find a way to make your investment liquid.
    Very good advice.
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