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Thread: Telkom ADSL line still not installed after countless calls to 10210

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    Default Telkom ADSL line still not installed after countless calls to 10210

    Hi all

    I am so bored with this whole Telkom installation issues, I am a new customer and have not used Telkom before but the service is horendous! My line was scheduled to be installed on 25 June and today the technician comes but says he cant install the line due to Telkom pipes being blocked and that I had to get an electrician to sort this out.

    My question though is what does electrcity have to do with Telkon anyways the technician tells me to call the dreade 10210 number when all is sorted for him to come back and finalize installation. I call them and get told the technician closed the order and the next date for installation is 2 July. I am so fed up as I had to call countless times since last week just for one person to come.

    Why dont they just give us a centre number to call for finalization of installation?

    Such nonsense

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    Do you live in a gated/security complex?

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