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Thread: Parkhurst broadband, Telkom ADSL vs Neotel Fibre vs Anything else?

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    Default Parkhurst broadband, Telkom ADSL vs Neotel Fibre vs Anything else?

    Hi All,

    I've received good news that my new house in Parkhurst (moving in next month!) is feasible for Neotel Fibre or Neotel Wimax. (subject to site inspection)

    I know that the copper cabling in the area generally sux, so Telkom lines are apparently worse than in other areas.

    I'm considering Neotel vs Telkom vs 3G {Vod / CellC / MTN / 8Ta}.

    Hoping to use the line for general browsing (for myself and my wife), home office (doing Web development) , Video Streaming (Netflix) and possibly large offsite photography backups.

    Hoping to keep the price under R2k per month. Expected data usage 20GB - 50GB / month.

    My options seem to be
    1. Telkom ADSL + Afrihost ISP - Under R1k per month
    2. Neotel Wimax (1mb @ R1299 excl vat, 2mb @ R1699 excl vat)
    3. Neotel Fibre (1mb @ R1699 excl vat)
    4. A combination of 3G providers, cheap for low GB's, expensive to try and make up an "uncapped" plan.

    Any words of wisdom?

    Also, has anyone had real world experience with Telkom ADSL in Parkhurst? I'm currently in Craighall Park and their line quality is disgusting.

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    I would go for the fibre, its pretty much future-proof and from what I've heard its speeds are burstable, not to mention the ping should be very low, but as you stated, it is the most expensive.

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