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Thread: Apple MacBook Pro on Contract

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    Default Apple MacBook Pro on Contract


    I would like to know if the Apple MacBook Pro 15" (2012) are available from Vodacom or CellC...

    I have a contract with vodacom and would like to upgrade

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    Digicape and iStore do Vodacom and Mtn. I'm doing mine through Mtn as it's cheaper.

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    Just think twice about it though, paying 1k a month for 2 years is a long commitment..

    If you just want one for the hell of it rather save up and get a macbook air or try out a hackintosh first.

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    That new MacBook pro with Retina is farking amazing. Well worth the $$$ IMO.

    It's not just the astonishing display. It's the super speed SSD and Ivy bridge, with 7-10 hour battery life, plus super portable. My god it's a sexy machine. Tip: if you want 10 hours battery on it, use Gfxcardstatus ;-)

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    I was paying R570 with 75mb on Mtn. Took the package with the least data.

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