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Thread: UNISA application - help!

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    Default UNISA application - help!


    So I applied for an honours degree next year at UNISA and I submitted all my documentation online. Now today I got an email with this:

    Thank you for your application to study at Unisa during 2013. Your student number for this
    application is quoted above and must be used in all correspondence and enquiries with Unisa.

    This letter serves to confirm that we have received your application, but it can only be
    finalised upon receipt of the following items listed below:

    Master's and Doctoral applicants please note that you now have to apply online for admission on
    http://applications.unisa.ac.za/MD/. Any outstanding documents must be uploaded online. Your
    admission will be assessed by the Master's and Doctoral section. You will receive separate
    correspondence by e-mail on the outcome of your application.

    Please forward copies of the required items or proof of payment to the following address:

    Postal address: Applications Office, P O Box 1, UNISARAND, 0148

    Your application will receive further attention once all the outstanding information has been
    received by the University.

    Please ensure submission of the outstanding items as soon as possible. You do not need to resubmit
    documents once they have been submitted. We look forward to having you as part of the Unisa
    student body.

    Yours faithfully

    Deputy Registrar
    Does this mean I need to send hard copies in as well?

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    Well that's what it says.... but your hint is correct, it doesn't make sense having to do both online and physical submissions.
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