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Thread: Glen Austin

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    Default Glen Austin

    Hi Guys,

    We have a private wireless network running with full coverage in Glen Austin, I notice that there were some users asking about connectivity in the Glen Austin Area ?

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    I am definitely interested. Can you give some details as to how it works?

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    Hi MDKza.

    Can you send me a PM and I can send you a product sheet.

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    I would be interested too.

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    Please send me a PM, I can then send you our product sheet.

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    I'd be very interested as well. Using MTN but it is super spotty at times, would gladly switch.

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    Well, I signed up with Convergence Networks 3 days ago, the guys were very helpful, and the link is stable and speeds are good. I would recommend this to anyone in the Glen Austin area looking for a good Wireless connection.

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    Thumbs up

    I signed up with them last week. Install was clean and quick.

    The connection was a bit up and down for the 1st 2 days but the last few days it has been rock solid.

    Some Speed Tests:

    Thanks again Convergence Networks.

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    oh and I am quite surprised how good the ping is sometimes, on a traceroute the hop between the Ubiquiti and the highsite is about 1 - 2 ms. In dota 2 and other games my ping averages between 30ms and 90ms.

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    Hi, If anyone is looking for wireless in the Glen Austin Area, we have full coverage in the area.

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    My wireless connection was good for quite a while.

    It has started becoming very wonky with about 10 - 15 5min disconnects per day.
    When i contacted support all i got was "We have been experiencing some packet loss on our back haul links."

    They told me it would be fixed the following day but here I am still with issues.

    Just a warning.

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    HI im interested and have PM'd still no responce

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