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Thread: 2006 MyADSL Broadband Conference

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    Thumbs up 2006 MyADSL Broadband Conference

    Hi folks

    The 2006 MyADSL conference proved to be a particularly pleasant event with great speakers, great delegates and great food! Maybe the free bar had something to do with it, but I think all delegates agree that Vodacom did a sterling job!

    The following people who were instrumental in making this event a success should be mentioned:

    Vodacom: Pieter Uys, Jannie van Zyl, Nicolene Visser, Muriel Uys
    DataPro: Carine Conradie, Douglas Reed
    MyADSL: Cara and all the members who supported the event
    Speakers: Vodacom-Chris Ross, DataPro-Douglas Reed, iBurst-Antony McKechnie, Sentech-Winston Smith, Neology-Roelf Diedericks, Neotel-Angus Hay, MTN-Brian Seligman, ITSI-Mike Stopforth

    The MyADSL Awards:

    Journalist of the Year, Overall Winner – Duncan McLeod
    Journalist of the Year, Newspaper – Lloyd Gedye
    Journalist of the Year, Online – Dave Glazier
    ADSL ISP of the Year-Web Africa
    Broadband Provider of the Year-iBurst
    33.6k Modem Award for 2006-Telkom

    Here are some of the presentations of the day. More to follow as I receive them.

    Thanks again for a great event!


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    Default I am sad

    Man, I am sad I missed the conference!!! Well done to you guys, it "appears" to have been a hit. Thanks for posting the presentations, now those of us that got "snookered" can also see what went on.

    Had a look at the presentation by Winston Smith and couldn't help to notice that Sentech is planning to up their speeds to a meg. 1 little snag, they are planning to make it available when.... 1 January 2006. Yip, ppl, we ALREADY have it....

    Jokes aside, sad I missed it.
    "drunk enough 2 dance"

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    Default kingrob voted sexiest member at myADSL conference!!

    I just want to give a BIG thank you to RPM & Cara for this fantastic event - it was really nice to meet RPM, Cara, Antowan, IC & MyDraadloos in the flesh!

    Also, a big thank you for the 3G modem that I have won in the draw!!! I'll put it to good use next year....

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    A king without a crown is not a king ....... he cheated, he was not even wearing a tie !

    Big shoutout to RPM and his posse, great event ! Thanks for keeping it a Meerkat free zone. (Though I have to say it would have been nice just to bully him a "little" bit.)

    Cara for the organisation.

    Antowan for crowd control.

    IC for monitoring the situation and saying very little.

    The Rodent crew for giving hope and showing there is a business case for bandwidth anarchy.

    Also big up to V3G & Vodacom for the goodies, snacks and booze (hic)

    Oh and lastly, Doug Reed ...... me thinks he also gave some goodies, but I am mostly glad that he has developed a sense of humour.
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    Default Vive la difference!

    Having attended many a conference, symposium, congress, seminar, colloquium, summit, convention, talk and numerous other meetings of varying description, I thought it was going to be more of the same.

    On the contrary… A conference with a difference! Congratulations! I applaud you all!

    Those who organised - and organised they did! – wanted to organise. (Despite an admittance by RPM that he had to be pressurized and coerced a bit.)

    Those who sponsored, sponsored because they wanted to. Also because they have a “defined” respect for the Forum(-ites). Unlike the “people centric” organisation which glowed in their absence.

    Those who presented wanted to present and left the audience with few dull moments. Rare!

    Those in attendance wanted to be there. Perhaps the single most important reason for yesterday’s success. A conference with a raison d’être. People who know what they want and why they were together.

    I was and am proud to be associated with all of you!

    Thank you!
    En quatrième vitesse...?

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    Great Conference - just had exstremely bad MTN (Edge) coverage down there, but we were in VodaWorld, weren't we?

    Excellent work!

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    Thumbs up Great Conference

    MobileAllOver: Great Conference - just had exstremely bad MTN (Edge) coverage down there, but we were in VodaWorld, weren't we?

    Excellent work!
    Would it be safe to say that Vodacom had the EDGE of MTN at that stage, MobileAllOver?

    Anyway, Thanks for the excellent conference RPM and all that were in volved, especially the sponors.

    This was my first myASDL conference and I will definately be back next year ... there will be one OF COURSE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpm View Post
    33.6k Modem Award for 2006-Telkom
    ...rather funny.

    What was the lead up speech for this award.......

    And, so they weren't there, so was there a satelitte link up for the acceptance speech?
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    Suck it boodles ..!.
    Quote Originally Posted by alf101 View Post
    As someone once said:
    Suck it boodles ..!.

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    How many ppl attended the conference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inertia View Post
    How many ppl attended the conference?
    Over 200 - Cara & RPM had to stop people at the door!

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    Fantastic to hear the conference was such a hit (as if there was ever any doubt), well done to all involved in arranging the event. Thx for the presentations.
    Well done.
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    You ask them to run a piss-up in a brewery."
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    Video of the event should start finding its way onto the web in various forms from tonight onward.
    The world is in the shape it is in because people don't call out other people's BS on the spot... We are too nice.

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    Pleasure IC. I've dumped the Neotel, MTN and NWU presentations onto the PWP wi-fi network. My fricken bandwidth is non existent atm. Will get the rest out today and find some way to get it on national torrents and webspace... Keep checking up here...
    The world is in the shape it is in because people don't call out other people's BS on the spot... We are too nice.

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    Thanks Antowan ... missed many of the presentations so can't wait to have a look! Off to make some popcorn for the show

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    Hey Guys

    Just recently arrived back from Spain and unfortunately wasn't aware of the event till I read about it last night on the forum.

    Is it an annual event now? and when is the next going to be planned? Does it only cover ADSL (Internet Connection) or does it cover all sorts of net stuff?

    Sounds like it was a huge hit, from everyone's comments. So well done guys. South Africa really needs more conferences of this quality.

    I'm downloading the videos as I type - Thanks Antowan!

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