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Thread: Pensioner couple attacked in Pretoria

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    Exclamation Pensioner couple attacked in Pretoria,00.html

    Personally I don't want to bring in the race issue, despite the utterings of the criminals and the headline - simply because EVERY hate crime should be treated as equally evil - racial or not. Let's not water down other murders simply because they were committed by people of the same race as the victim...

    While at the same time, we cannot also ignore the effect this specific kind of hatred has on our society...

    the point is - let's not harp on it as if it's the only form out there.

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    Sick fsckers.

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    Damn savages I wish I was there I would have shown them what us white dogs can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marine1 View Post
    Damn savages I wish I was there I would have shown them what us white dogs can do.
    Thats the problem, they prey on the weak and elderly.

    The news services love to sensationalize stories like these. You'd have problems finding a story about an elderly couple attacked in a township which happens alot more often than we know about.

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    EXACTLY - very good point Fudzy - so much of this crime happens on a daily basis in the lives of the poor in this country. I can't help noticing the small columns for child rapes etc in the former Transkei for example.



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