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    Residents raid suspected drug den and discover 'used' coffins in house

    Well, thanks to the ANC, South Africa has only half a police force. Literally. Check the number of total policemen in SA and compare that to the rest of the world. The ANC flourish if criminals thrive, hence they have halved the SAPS numbers. Live with it.
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    Grandfather with gun chases off armed suspects

    Well, this been the very first armed home invasion, ever to have happen in South Africa, nobody has a clue what the end was going to be. The only credible reference we have is a movie. OK, Lord of the Rings is a good movie but it is a movie nevertheless [emoji3]
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    'I was a prisoner in this country' - Limpopo man sues home affairs for R400m after identity theft

    This man has a problem. He is the problem. He should just buy his old identity back. Surely, in the new South Africa that should not be an issue. There is more to this story than what he is telling us.
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    Crime scaring tourists away from South Africa

    South Africa has less than half the policemen it should have! Live with it.
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    Grandfather with gun chases off armed suspects

    Equalising past imbalances. This is what my pal from Nelspruit would have said [emoji3]
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    Doctor shot woman at wedding for being ‘too dark’, court hears

    Blacks don't want to be black? Sobering videos from BBC [emoji50]
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    Doctor shot woman at wedding for being ‘too dark’, court hears

    Keep in mind, this is South Africa we are talking about. Things go pear-shaped more often than not. The gun is not the problem!
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    The SABC is seriously broken – Cannot even broadcast local soccer

    This thread is not about Jaws677! Your one sentence post is only meant to derail the thread. This is not allowed as per forum rules! If you feel like replying to my post, please use the PM function. Mods please do the right thing. Now back on topic: The SABC had to strictly implement...
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    Ramaphosa signs controversial debt-relief bill into law

    Honestly, what exactly did you expect from Ramaphosa? Have you forgotten, he was at Zuma's side for almost 10y.
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    Soweto residents say looting will continue until govt deals with 'issues'

    How about Orcs? Lord of the Rings 4 eve. Man, I love that movie.
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    Vanderbijlpark woman pepper sprayed while breastfeeding

    Sorry my ignorance. Don't have the time to catch up with all the posts. I see this thread reached almost 50 replies in 10 or so hours? What is the fuss all about? Is it safe to assume the victim is black and the aggressor white or am I getting the wrong impression? Wish you all a nice weekend ahead.
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    The IMF can do what the ANC can't

    To see that one fact one must have a half functioning brain! Read my lips: You are expecting to much.