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    The DA is in total crisis.

    Rob Hersov Renaldo Gouws
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    Apple ID

    can I add another Apple ID to my MacBook Pro? I have the first iPad mini and a different Apple ID. for that I wanted to add that to my MacBook Pro is it possible how would I do that?
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    2021 Salary increase / bonus

    it seems like everyone on here earns a million rand a month
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    2021 Salary increase / bonus

    I wonder if Media24 will give the remaining staff an increase this year after they retrenched 600 people last year
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    eHomeAffairs - getting it to work for you

    what kind of FNB bank account do you need to have? to get the home affairs passport and smart ID?
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    FNB Home Affairs

    Hi what is the process to get a smart ID through FNB? I have an FNB Branch that does this in Green Point Cape Town what is the process?
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    Told that if I want to withdraw from Paypal, I have no option but to open an FNB current account

    I have the the FNB APP how can I access the forex PayPal page to withdraw my Paypal money like I do on the website? what are the steps that I take? thanks
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    What to watch on Netflix and Showmax this weekend?

    I watched Marley & me again on Netflix
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    What to watch on Netflix and Showmax this weekend?

    has anyone watched Ride Along 2?
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    Contract work Tax

    im earning a extremely low amount of money 20k its a short contract only 3 months. what tax will be deducted from that amount.
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    Contract work Tax

    they asked for my tax number and they said they will deduct it