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    ANC warns SABC to stop jobs bloodbath - Report

    This equality. Get retrenchment bitches! feel what its like hahah
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    Showmax permanently removes 5 Schuster movies

    Yeah, and if you surround yourself with certain people then you are at more risk of getting in trouble for something when you mean no harm. This nonsense is just making a bigger racial divide. Showmax is promoting racism.
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    Nedbank now lets clients use their smartphones as payment terminals

    Well I just tried it and I think its because the software sucks dlamini.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    At least now its clear the justice system has a problem. There was no proof given that it would open hospital beds if selling cigarettes is banned. His ruling opens up for her to do with us what ever the she wants.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    What are the 'statistics' on who can afford to buy cigarettes right now? Its just you know since they decided to limit support to businesses based on race... and well anc being very hateful in general towards white people it would be quite interesting to see the race figures. Because NCCC is...
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    5G is the future of business - Huawei

    Try again 6g. Maybe then itll be amazing transformations
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    What anti-racism really means and how to talk about it

    Just came here to say.. F I love to to be white
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    Microsoft claims removing annoying apps is a copyright violation

    Yeah but running on 4gig is 2010 technology
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    Microsoft claims removing annoying apps is a copyright violation

    Oh nows and I removed the whole operating system
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    Concerns raised over misleading coronavirus death reports in South Africa

    Wouldn't trust any of the stats we receive to be accurate in any way.
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    Government appeals High Court ruling on "irrational" regulations

    Seems pretty brave to say everything the judge said is 100% wrong. But im sure thry will adjust their appeal. Hoping they get their ass handed to them
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    Ster-Kinekor to cut costs post-lockdown

    Yeah they are over priced. They need to cut those costs before I would bother going.
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    Level 3 regulations must be changed after High Court ruling - Except these 4

    If it's proven its recorded is it contempt of court?
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    Mzwandile Masina's Twitter account deactivated following ANC rebuke

    Why is this ok? I dont understand why our law allows this? Do we have laws that apply differently to people depending on who they are? Is this not racism and hate speech?
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    21,343 cases of COVID-19 in South Africa

    So impressed with all the records we are breaking! Woo-hoo!!