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    What's happened to the Pirate Bay?

    Works ok if you use a VPN.
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    New Webafrica Network Migration

    I'm in Cape town and it has been ok for me. Using vumatel trenched.
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    New Webafrica Network Migration

    They have no newsserver at the moment.
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    New Webafrica Network Migration

    Is there a newsserver available on the new network.
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    Google Home Mini

    Continued Conversation was working for me but it stopped about a month ago.
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    20Mbps Webafrica Uncapped Fiber is UNUSABLE for Gaming (Overwatch)

    Hi Here is my pings: Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=158ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=157ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=154ms TTL=51 Reply from bytes=32 time=159ms TTL=51 This is...
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    Router Battery Backup

    What I have is a battery with a smart charger that permanently charges the battery. I connect the Ont/router to the battery. I had a spare 25ah battery that will run my stuff for 12 hours or so.
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    Router Battery Backup

    Better to power the ont/router from the battery and have it charge again when the power comes on.
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    Google Home Hub

    What restrictions. I have a google hone and use it without a vpn.
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    Route traffic from my TV to a VPN server

    Have a look at at Getflix? It works for me on my LG tv.
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    Digidoor III Battery replacement

    Make sure you put the 2 batteries in parallel. This will double the current (amps) But keep the voltage at 12 volts.
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    Fatalities as two passenger trains collide in Pretoria

    If the signal is dead it is treated as a red signal.