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  • This is too technical for me. If u can do it for me much appreciated. Thanks. Zubair, Durban, 084-207-1836
    hey ABU

    do you perhaps have any advice on installing Garmin on nokia N 81 , it would be greatly appreciated
    Thanx man
    Hi ABU
    First of all I would like to thank you for your excellent guide for installing the garmin XT on the 6110. I have one problem though. At step 8 of the installation of garmin mobile XT You say I should go to settings, system, remote GPS and then enable the internal GPS? How do I do that, it only gives me a box in the middle that says "Pair new GPS", and there's no options except for "enable" and "done". Could you please help me to sort this out, I'll really appreciate it. Thanks, Max
    Hi ABU
    Your help will be greatly appreciated regarding garmin xt and my nokia E51. I have been told that I need a gps receiver for this phone, for garmin to operate as the phone itself does not have the receiver built in. Would you perhaps know if in fact this statement is correct? thanks.
    Hi I've been trying to get the Garmin XT working on my E71, following your procedure but can;t seem to get it working. Any other advice?
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