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    Release date for Apple ECG watch

    Yes it is available - just updated apple watch series 4 and ios on iPhone
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    Apple Watch Discussion

    :thumbsup::thumbsup: about time too - now when is the coronavirus detection app being released
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    New Webafrica Network Migration

    Was updated last night - all good so far - no issues yet... (hope it stays that way)
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    Eskom will shut down power plants to combat pollution

    Picture taken from Vissershoek Saturday morning direction Pretoria and surrounds
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    How can I get a copy of my TV Licence?

    You have to show your ID and they get the license number online with your id no.
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    Ipad "3" and Internet Tethering

    I can confirm its not working on iOS 6 on the new iPad either - will try the iphone.internet APN this afternoon - have not got my iPad with me.
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    Fine Point Stylus

    I got the Bamboo stylus from takelot - has a 6mm as opposed to the normal 8mm one - nice stylus, great for handwriting notes.
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    Just installed iOS 6.....

    Installing iOS 6 Beta 4 now - Beta 3 I have no issues with... running smoothly. Just to add, I have the S III and the only thing cool about it is the large screen.
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    iOS 5 GM is here

    Do you need a Developer account to load iOS5 GM?? Can't wait a week...!
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    Best place to buy Itunes Vouchers?

    I've used them about 3 times directly with a cr card now and there seems to be no problems.
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    iPad 2 "not charging"

    If its the same as iPad 1, it only charges while in sleep mode when connected via USB to a Windows laptop/PC. Only on a Mac does it charge while on via USB.
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    OK, you nerds, out with it ... Who bought one?

    New use for the AR Drone : Flying over the paving around the house gets rid of all the dead leaves.. :D
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    OK, you nerds, out with it ... Who bought one?

    Relatively easy to fly... managed to launch it in the lounge as well without ramming into the LCD screen. Just need to get out to a park somewhere to get the real feel of the controls without ramming into trees and bushes. Still using it with the 'training wheels'.
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    OK, you nerds, out with it ... Who bought one?

    Got mine today - waiting for the battery to charge up...:p