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  • Hey Snow soz it took me soo long too reply yeah i would love too clear all the ICC content but i can only go as far as i get members...
    I have all the systems in place i redid the guild struct i have the Teamspeak server going i got the guild site up but all we lack are poeple like you that are active and serious about raiding.
    I was an Officer in my Prev guild and there we got up too TOC 10/25 hardmodes before i stopped playing.
    Atm i have a few willing but unexperienced members thats why i have been spamming too get the solid 10 man setup up so we can stop pugging and start guild raids
    Hey dude, I'm looking for something with cata in mind. I come from a hardcore 25 man raiding guild (resto druid) background.

    By your msg, "We are aiming to go all the way too 25 man HC.." you do seem serious about things.

    Can I ask what previous experience you and the guys there have with
    & running a serious raiding guild.

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