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    ‘Divert pensions to stave off IMF’

    I must still read further up, but would appreciate your input. Scenario - Male, 50 recently resigned - transfers pension to a preservation fund. Emigrates to UK, finds employment - can he transfer preservation fund to UK pension fund (or similar) and not pay any ZA tax, but liable for UK tax...
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    Soweto residents say looting will continue until govt deals with 'issues'

    bud, I mentioned the mean/average, you will always find out performers on either side of it.
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    Soweto residents say looting will continue until govt deals with 'issues'

    African savages gonna savage - ZA will ultimately revert to the well established/earned African mean.
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    me too, but I'm holding off for now. At the moment, I am more comfortable with FNB eB.
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    Residents protest as ‘day zero’ reaches Butterworth

    Not a **** given for these room temperature IQ Muppets.
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    Looming NHI

    more due to an analyst poking some holes in their life book valuation. She valued it a certain way... check out twitter - David Shapiro. Quite sure Discovery(administrator crew) are chomping at the bit - they are one of the only credible outfits that will be able to administer 60m people...
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    Tips to Boost your eBucks - 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020

    if memory serves @sjm mentioned Tuesday with payment on Wednesday - also, he be a friend of a friend of a friend at FNB' :-)
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Absolutely bucketing here in Gardens/CPT. Jonkershoek already past 20mm for today, long may it last. What I find exceptional is how quickly Clanwilliam has filled up. Does anyone have an idea on when the construction to increase capacity will complete?
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    LOOK: State-of-the-art community library torched in Ottosdal protest

    Not a **** given anymore for these savages and their ilk.
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    South Africa, the next 5 years [discussion]

    I would be keen to hear if anyone is thinking of selling their home, reducing pension contributions(taxable), resigning from work to draw pension( taxable) etc. to try and ensure moving as much offshore as possible?
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    Five things you need to know about the new National Health Insurance Bill

    Any idea of how one will pay for this if you are unemployed or on pension?
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    Brian Molefe, third time unlucky, over Eskom pension payout appeal

    Nothing but a thieving ****, but 57% of those that voted are happy with this type of behaviour. Amandla! Aloota continua!
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    The ZAR Exchange Rate Thread

    a time will approach when r15 is a bargain...
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    Is it really worth having a pension/provident fund?

    I don't believe RS is CR - I do remember CR from the page88 days of many moons ago. @CR - crazy times in which we live, where do you see our ZAR going?
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    Stay in SA - Ramaphosa urges young white people

    Spot on, my family paid approx. ZAR160K upfront for a family of four for the 5 year period. You still then contribute monthly for NHS. If you leave before the 5 years, you do get a refund for the remainder if I remember correctly.