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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    agreed, CoCT weekly report has 40.3mm for 28th/5.3mm for 29th for TWK - was surprised there was not a decent uplift, but let us see what tomorrow brings :-)
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    Mystery around Mmusi Maimane and 'his' R3.85m Claremont house

    Would he needed to have to declare that vehicle, if yes, did he?
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    Mboweni under pressure to come up with turnaround plan as VAT collections dip

    Coming home to roost, these fcuking Muppets could not run a bath.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Coming down very nicely in Gardens/CPT :-) SEP19 looks like the worst one in 6 years for Dwarsberg/Jonkershoek, ~70mm month to date.
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    Discovery Vitality [2019]

    still using my old discovery cc, linked to my life policy, will try and hold out till the last moment - eB's for me is a system I understand better and the odd bit of hoop jumping does not negate the damn awesome benefits.
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    Principal retires, Isipingo pupils go on the rampage

    Would not happen at an Afrikaans school. Bunch of savages preparing for adulthood.
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    Any link between Retrenchment Package and Withdrawal of Preservation Fund?

    Morning All A good few years back my wife got a retrenchment package where the first 500K was tax free and she was taxed accordingly on the remainder. We recently cashed in a preservation fund where she was taxed more than what I had calc'ed via ->...
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    Newly renovated Sassa toilets vandalised at Durban Station

    Savages gonna savage. Don't fight it, ZA will return to the African mean - the numbers are too great and increase every year.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    After a promising first 2 weeks of August, the remainder of the month has been a damp squib :-( This week will be the first week in the past 11 weeks where we do not have a gain for the big 6. Last year, we achieved an approx. 14% uplift in the 5 weeks from late August, hoping we can do the...
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    WATCH | Rampaging students chase down and butcher live cattle

    SAvages gonna savage - the bar these Muppets set from a humanity perspective is already so low, these actions just reinforce my view of them.
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    ‘Divert pensions to stave off IMF’

    I must still read further up, but would appreciate your input. Scenario - Male, 50 recently resigned - transfers pension to a preservation fund. Emigrates to UK, finds employment - can he transfer preservation fund to UK pension fund (or similar) and not pay any ZA tax, but liable for UK tax...
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    Soweto residents say looting will continue until govt deals with 'issues'

    bud, I mentioned the mean/average, you will always find out performers on either side of it.
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    Soweto residents say looting will continue until govt deals with 'issues'

    African savages gonna savage - ZA will ultimately revert to the well established/earned African mean.
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    me too, but I'm holding off for now. At the moment, I am more comfortable with FNB eB.