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    MultiChoice Group will in future not carry content that includes Steve Hofmeyer on any of its platforms

    Got to say I’m really torn on this one.I’ll gladly drive over a DSTV decoder and all Stevie’s LP’s.
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    Star Trek: Discovery [SPOILERS]

    I pray Michael is not in season 3.The self righteous persona and “Martyr complex” is starting to grate.
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    PS4 help please?

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    Upcoming Games

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    Upcoming Games Having enjoyed Sniper Elite 4 I am super keen to try this.
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    British series, mini-series and dramas .....

    Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to stumble upon this gem [emoji3526].Thanks!
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    The "The Grand Tour" Thread

    Looking forward to watching this weeks episode.The season as a whole has been very entertaining.
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    FTTH Rondebosch

    Been a while since anyone posted in this thread.Besides Openserve and Octotel which providers have made their services available in the area?Seems there is still limited choice. I’ve been using Openserve as my Fibre provider and VOX and Afrihost for data this past 1,5 years.Only had 2 instances...
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    YouTube Premium launched in South Africa

    Definitely worth a try - first 3 months free.
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    British series, mini-series and dramas ..... Really enjoying this.
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    Big plans to break MultiChoice’s DStv monopoly on sport

    Time for Multichoice to start innovating [emoji6]
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    Pakistan tour of South Africa, 2018-19

    Of course this point is completely missed on him and his logic for comparing the days play is laughable as you need to compare apples with apples. I see SA won by 9 wickets so today was definitely Pakistan’s day as they could have lost by 10 wickets [emoji12]
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    Apple is the new Nokia – Analyst

    I see the resident Apple troll has been very active in this thread, even to the extent of creating a new account so he can do more trolling! Lesson to be learnt here - don’t open a new account and post from it if you’ve had too much to drink [emoji4].
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    Pakistan tour of South Africa, 2018-19

    Would agree with this.The bar has been set so low by Pakistan that the fact that they have forced SA to bat again is a victory for them!
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    Tim Cook faces iPhone slump

    All too clear that their top end iPhones are overpriced.Only so much you can leverage your brand before you get push back from the consumer.