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    Are you going to install Windows 11?

    if TPM is required then NO
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    Afrihost will buy majority stake in Cool Ideas

    never been more happy with a company's service, been with Afrihost for over 10 years and problems are solved very quickly.
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    This is why I am broke

    they would never admit it, but so true:ROFL::ROFL:
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    ANC looking at retrenching 50% of its staff members

    well the packages will be out of this world
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    Woman allegedly assaulted while seeking help

    The frog in the pot boiling slowly.
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    Customer (who I have never met) says I bricked his phone

    well it seems he knows more the the pro (have many of those customers) and he is just wanting a free upgrade at your expense, go to court and explain to the judge.
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    Rocky start with Afrihost

    AFRIHOST i had a problem with my fiber installation been done through frog foot and this chap AFRINATIC asked for some PM details, which was done and with in 30 to 40 minutes later low and behold all was done and sorted, but be it as it may this chap AFRINATIC does the best he can AFTER HOURS...
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    Mag 6.2 quake - 1600km South of Africa on Sat, 26 Sep 2020

    We need to send out tenders first
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    ‘We will rename cities, and remove offensive statues’ – Cyril Ramaphosa

    redirecting attention from the African Startups
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    Treasury seeks money to bail out SAA - Albeit reluctantly

    don't be racist with that blackness..juju going to visiting you soon :ROFL::laugh::ROFL:
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    Government asked whether it will scrap TV licence fees for some South Africans

    nope got other entertainment netflix gaming shame pooor baby isn't getting that new car and bonus
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    Will you heed the president's call?

    we have one if those and not not a GANG LEADER
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    Microsoft to buy ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion in major boost for Xbox

    well there goes gaming, following MS tradition
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    Mates steam account stolen

    sorry to hear this but open a new account would be the way then try logging the stolen account.