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    Download sync speed still 10Mbs instead of 20Mbs. Or not?

    Two weeks ago I changed my Afrihost bundled package from 8Mbs to 20Mbs. My effective speed has still not changes, despite an annoying call with support in Friday, and numerous modem powerdown/wait/powerup cycles. Here's what I don't get. My ASUS modem says the download speed is 19042 and...
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    Help request: Trouble configuring ADSL failover for primary CellC 3G connection.

    Been trying for hours. Google didn't help, nor did the manuals. Using a D-Link DWR-113 3G router for my CellC data connection. Want to use my horribly slow ADSL as failover when/if CellC fails for any reason. Seems this is rocket-science. Settings so far: Remote host for keep alive...
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    Midrand 3G service bad for past 2 weeks

    I work about 1km from Vodaworld. The 3G signal has been terrible for the last 2 weeks or so. Same thing where I live in Glen Austin, also in Midrand. Lots of complaints from coworkers, so its not localized to my equipment. Anyone know what's going on and how long it will take to resolve? Oh, by...
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    OOB: 2+2 - another one gets bitten.

    Add me as another one bitten. Idiot that I am I have one 2+2 for myself and one for my wife. June's deduction from my account over R2000. Still don't know why. July R1500. This month, who knows, but this month's overspend is my fault since I screwed up the downloader's scheduler and it overran...