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    Do you own a self defense weapon?

    No offense, but these "non-lethal" solutions will in all likelihood just piss off your attackers even more to the point where they would kill you out of spite. If your house is broken into with you in it, lethal force or none at all and pray to whomever you pray to they dont kill you.
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    TV Licence fees must become compulsory in South Africa - eMedia CEO

    You are talking utter twaddle. Having a radio is by no means a requirement of having a Tv license. Thats why its called a tv license.
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    TV Licence fees must become compulsory in South Africa - eMedia CEO

    People like you are part of the problem. How does a rational person support corruption through paying for a service that is not only sht at best, but you make NO use of. Its called a TV license, not a radio license
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    TV Licence fees must become compulsory in South Africa - eMedia CEO

    Dear idiot ive never heard of before. Jou ma se p03s.
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    Getting real fed up with pathetic service

    Mind sharing your numerous issues?
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    What charities do you donate to

    This is what all ignorant people think. I say this with respect and not to put you down. But when you earn that amount of money and have to fork out that much for taxes you know gets pissed away, I promise you, grateful isn't a word I think you would use. Some/Most/Not all people who earn that...
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    ANC's Andile Lungisa loses appeal over water jug attack on DA councillor

    You are a few years late with this comment. Yengeni and Shaik proved this many many moons ago.
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    Getting real fed up with pathetic service

    I ask again, has the Rain rep ever solved an issue completely for anybody on here?
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    New restrictions to fight COVID-19 in South Africa considered

    :ROFL: The article headline made me laugh. New measures to fight Covid, yet in Bloemfontein, we don't have water to wash our hands because the municipality hasn't paid the water supplier (i.e. members of the same Whatsapp group squabbling over money that will end up being pissed away by either...
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    WATCH | North West police officer caught drunk on video

    No sure what the hullabaloo is about. A gangster got drunk. That is what gangsters do when they aren't terrorizing people.
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    Ratings agencies not convinced about SA’s economic recovery plan – so expect further downgrades

    Things are really bad when Moody's is in on the further downgrade. Cheque probably bounced again.
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    Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona, 60, dies of a heart attack

    all that fame and fortune, from humble beginnings, only to go at 60 i can only assume because of a reckless lifestyle. what a waste.
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    EFF to Coligny residents: Protest until accused are jailed

    and some idiots still think this judiciary can and should be trusted with the death penalty.
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    Just in: President Cyril Ramaphosa to face motion of no confidence next week

    This sht again. We had a million with Zuma. Utter waste of time.
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    Government to crack down on piracy websites in South Africa

    Absolutely zero fcks given. Same as my feeling on the crackdown on etolls and tv licences.