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  • Hey Aniv
    Just joined & picked up your thread re: edible prints & printers. Using Incredible Inks & edible paper since 2009 - ordering direct since June 2010.
    The initial costs are high, especially since the idea is to make some extra money, not spend it, BUT it is really worthwhile.
    I'm using Canon IP3600 - no problems. Bought it on kalahari for less than R1000. Edible ink & edible paper totals about R1700. I have more than recouped my initial expense.
    Ink & paper (50 sheets) lasts between 3 to 6 months. The printer maintenance (ie nozzle cleaning) after about 12-18 months, but the kit is good for about 6 deep cleaning sessions.
    I order & pay for my supplies online from Incredible Ink products - they're the only supplier in Cape Town at the moment - but they are branching out it seems.
    You'll find that once you start the orders just come rushing in - word of mouth is wonderfull, but people are quite chaffed to see their faces in edible prints
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