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    My specs. and will they be able to do the job?

    Modem : Giga762sx

    Line : Telkom 384kb/s

    ISP's : Telkom do2 (semi-shaped, I think) 3 Inti. cap, 20gig Local

    Axxess pre-paid 1gig (Unshaped)


    I have 2 pc's, I only want to run the program on my pc when we've reached the 3 gig cap, and then I want to use the Axxess one as my International and the 20gig local I get from the Telkom ISP after being caped.

    So will I be able to use my internet (3gig Telkom) as a normal person at the beginning of the month plus the other pc, and when caped, use route sentry so that I can still do gaming (need 2 sign in with Inti. and then I can play on local servers). The other pc is only used 4 Internet Banking and e-mails, so it only has 2 be able 2 connect to the local.

    Please reply :) :) :)

    Many Thanx
    Happy Birthday ant1b0dy... I hope you and the family had a good weekend and they spoil you today.

    Thank you for the Routesentry update. I was busting my 4SS trying to get the routing table up to date.
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