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    Cheapest backup power options to survive load-shedding

    Anyone try they look interesting in terms of router/fibre UPS
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    I can, made sure that i got that added. My guess is that its a selection of options they can give per customer, you gotta ask nicely as they won't tell you what it is up front.
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    MTN Black Friday Discussions

    I got told exactly the same. Managed to negotiate to 300 mins though despite the lady saying they wouldn't go over 50. Pretty chuffed took it over 24 months though.
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    Dialdirect ONE DAY Promotion - Enter here

    Join the insurer that pays you up to 75% cash back monthly
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    Vodacom - 60 Gigs for R299-00 + 30 Gigs Night Owl

    Cellucity has a 90 Gig offer. 60 gig any time and 30 night owl
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    Audi e-tron Giveaway - Win prizes worth R3,000

    Design and technology are fused into one: A generous arc, the wraparound, envelops the cascading instrument panel with pronounced horizontal lines as far round as the sculptural door trims. It harmoniously integrates the hood above the Audi virtual cockpit, whose sleek display stands visually...
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    Takealot Vouchers (Begging) Thread

    Share some of that love pls
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    iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak is HERE!!

    No A5 yet, amazing how the ppl awaiting the jailbreak were attacking the guys. Accusing them of holding out to increase donations etc. wonder if they release an untested A5 jailbreak and it causes issues how many ppl would accept it? Hang on man, they just perfecting the delivery.
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    iOS 5 beta users - Your experience so far ...

    Same here waaib downgraded immediately need the unthetthered jailbreak :(
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    iPhoneZA launches South Africas first very own Cydia Repository!

    Wow very nice,love the carrier logos:)
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    The iPad 2 availabitiy thread

    The Tab market is very competitive. Apple had to release the iPad2 in order to keep up. Expect great things from the iPad3
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    iOS 4.3.3 Jailbreak Released! (untethered)

    Love it when the JB exploit remains :) makes for quick unthetered releases
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    iOS 4.3.3 Jailbreak Released! (untethered)

    The new A5 Architecture and build of the Ipad2 makes it alot harder for a jailbreak. The guys are trying to dump the bootloader but its not easy going.