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    Quake Champions local servers

    I hear that there is a big community of quakers that meet on Thursdays around 8pm and servers are more populated. I myself add players to my friend list the moment I see that I am not playing with bots. Helps with xp boosts and favour points,
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    Please Rate Vox

    Just like yourself, very very happy with the 400GB data + data rollover for 6 months. Doubt I'll be leaving them. Speed is always in excess of 9Mb
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    How 2 speed up rollout of ADSL infrastructure for schools with educational potential?

    I am a computer teacher in KZN, Durban, Clermont/Kwadabeka. Buhlebemfundo High is located in a township and caters for 1200 local students, most coming from under resourced families. We have nearly 60 Networked PC’s, all of which are in great shape, running Windows XP & Office 2003. We are very...