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    Openserve launches “Naked ADSL”

    Excellent timing for me as I have just applied to port my landline number to Voip.No LTE or fibre available so a saving of R200+.Landline required for wife's business.
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    Do you think the lockdown may be extended again?

    Yes,hopefully with less restrictions..
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    South Africa’s new relief fund for restaurants and hotels will be guided by BEE: minister

    Cool,from now on I will only allow non-bee guests into my establishment..
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    Laundromats during lockdown

    I'll be ok for undies,12 pairs...January, February......
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    Rain Tower Location: PM me your Cell ID's

    Can someone please locate this tower for me..Thanks Cell ID 78652930
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    Liverpool FC supporters thread - 2017/18 Season