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  • Administrative Assistant! Cool, with own office! Congratulations!
    So when can I come and drink a Moca-java? :D
    ....and rewarding moments.

    I shall be getting a cheque for R1 500 as part of my 10 year service award at the end of the year.

    I forbid you to check out.

    If you do anything to harm yourself, I shall have to hunt you down and....


    You hang in there too, OK? Or else....
    Lol, hang in there - no job is without it's ups-and-downs, frustrations and general mayhem...

    Check-out line is, frustrations and general mayhem is getting tiresome...
    Oh I'm still working at ELCB, just not in Data Capture anymore.
    Hi there

    Doing a variety of jobs. It is very difficult and I do sometimes feel like giving up,
    but actually managing to completel something properly is a rewarding feeling.

    My boss said that I am tackling the sort of work they would usually give to someone more educated than I am.

    This check-out it real [are you on your internet-enabled cellphone?] or metaphorical?
    Great to hear about the job! - Is it IT related?

    I'm in the queue in the check-out line, shuffling along nicely :)
    Who or what will you be checking out?

    I could be getting a change in job title.
    Things h already been set in motion
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